Monday, June 2, 2008

Henry's a great sleeper!

So, last night Henry proved that he can sleep through the very loud noise and subsequent shaking that results from a car crashing into our house. Not only our house, but the the front wall of his bedroom.

Yes, that's right, a car crashed into (not through, just into) his bedroom wall while he lay sleeping just a few feet away. Everyone (on our end of things) is OK, though at least one person from the accident went away in an ambulance. We're not entirely sure what happened, but we were told that it was a hit and run (as in, car A hit car B, which then hit our house, then car A ran away).

Henry did, however, wake up a little bit when I was feeling around him (very quietly, since I recognized that he was asleep) to make sure there was no glass in his crib, since his window broke. Let's see---REALLY LOUD series of booms, with the final crash shaking your house vs your dad tip-toeing around in your room...which one wakes you up? Well, if you're Henry, then you'll select door #2...weirdo.

This was probably the 1st time that I've ever been TERRIFIED for his safety. I'm not really sure how fast I ran to him, but I could tell that he was fine (and asleep), so I slowly crept back out of the room.

In other non-scary news...
-in addition to milk, Henry is eating 3 solid meals a day (solid used lightly---can a puree be considered solid?). He's eating oatmeal and barely cereals, bananas, carrots, zucchini, peas, apples, and carrots. He really doesn't like the apples. Pretty sure he doesn't like the peas either, but I can't remember right now if they're as bad as apples or not.
From Henry is Cute 2

-Henry can roll freely from his tummy to back and back to tummy
-While on his tummy, Henry can scooch around in a circle so that he can face other directions.
-Henry can roll over in his crib and get his arm stuck in between the slats.
-Henry can sit completely unsupported once you sit him up (he can't get there himself yet)
From Henry is Cute 2

-Henry hates it when you say, "YAY!" - he hates it so much that if you do it, his face will crumple and he will cry. A lot. Please don't say "YAY" to my baby boy!
-From a seated position, Henry can pull himself up to stand if you hold your hands out for him at the right height...You don't need to help him other than to put your hands out, he does all the work.
-Henry's drinking a little bit of water each day from a sippy-type cup, just to get him used to the idea that he can feed himself (granted, water isn't feeding, but you know what i mean).
-Henry thinks flowers are for eating.
From Henry is Cute 2

-Henry is currently not a big fan of cars - seriously...look at that grumpy old man!
From Henry is Cute 2

-Henry likes noses
From Henry is Cute 2