Monday, April 12, 2010

Goats, Fire Engines, and Green Eggs (without the Ham)

Took the day off of work today so that Henry and I could hang-out and do some fun stuff.

First, we went to the Brookfield Zoo and saw some goats. We also saw chickens, geese, elephants and some llamas, but first, we hung out with goats.

From Henry is Cutererer

For lunch, Henry had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...and Bacon. What can I say, Molly wanted a BLT, so I fried up some bacon. Henry wasn't about to pass up bacon (but there's NO way that he would have eaten a BLT, even with extra B)...

After Henry's nap, we went to the Forest Park Fire House for a tour - This was certainly the highlight of the day, since Henry a) got a Fire Chief Hat, b) got a sticker, and c) and to look at & touch Fire Engines. Also noteworthy was the massive flat screen TV upstairs with the 7 lazy-boys in a semi-circle around it. While we didn't get to watch TV, Henry was quite ready to chill out in the chair for a few minutes. (This was, after all, part of the Library's TV Tune Out week, so it would have been rather counter-productive to go to the Fire Station and then watch TV).

Henry and his pal Blake-
From Henry is Cutererer

From Henry is Cutererer

From Henry is Cutererer

At dinner time, I asked Henry if he wanted cheesey eggs or a salami sandwich. He voted for eggs, which I was all for. Since it's terribly hard to get vegetables in this kid, I sautéed some spinach, then added some well-beaten eggs, & of course, the cheese. Henry's usual response to the spinach in the eggs is "I don't like this green thing" or "No, I WON'T eat that!" But today, I told him that we were having Green Eggs! Henry had 3 servings of Green Eggs! Let this be a lesson to all that need to get more veggies in their kids diets - TRICK THEM!!! Hide veggies in their food, and call it something else. Read a book (such as Green Eggs and Ham) to your kid 452 times, and then MAKE Green Eggs sans Ham (or with, whatever). It's like magic!

In other news, Sofi is hanging out upside down, as she should be. We've got less than a month until she's due to join is in the oxygen-breathing world. She should now be in the area of 6 pounds and 18 1/2 inches long.