Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let me see your brains for a minute...

You may recall that Henry was a zombie for Halloween this past year.

Well, we just had this interesting little exchange, which makes me wonder if he's becoming more and more living dead...

[Henry is standing on the couch, behind Molly, sticking his face up at the back of her head]

Molly: What are you doing?
Henry: Looking under your hair
[Molly and I exchange a funny look]
Henry: Mommy, what's under your hair?
Molly: My head. Are you looking at my head?
Henry: Yes. Papa, what's under your head?
Molly: Papa's brains are under his head
Henry: Mommy, let me see your brains for a minute.

Chinese Cabbage...

So, apparently, my child is similar to a Chinese Cabbage...Oh, and she has eyelashes, too...

Here's some pics of the little one...

Here's some of my favorite semi-recent Henry Pics...

He had just made a snowman with his Grandma Sue
From Henry is Cutererer

Hanging at Brookfield Zoo with his friend, Mateo
From Henry is Cutererer

Wearing Papi's bike stuff
From Henry is Cutererer

Brennan grandkids with the Grandparents
From Henry is Cutererer

Listening to some tunes
From Henry is Cutererer