Thursday, December 24, 2009

so much awesomeness

So many awesome things, where to begin...

Exhibit A - So, Henry loves being contrary (when I say yes, he'll say NO; when I say no, he'll say YES). I asked him why he is so contrary

Henry: "I'm no contary. I'm a boy!"

Exhibit 2 - They Might Be Giants - Ok, so they might be giants has an awesome album out for kids called Here Comes Science. I highly recommend it, even if you don't have kids. However, the song that Henry is currently obsessed with is Spider from their 1992 album Apollo 18 (the song also appears in a different version on their 1998 Severe Tire Damage album - he seems to love both versions without preference.) He spent about 25 minutes in our front room listening to the two versions of the song on repeat. That was quite satisfactory to him.

c - eating brownies...Last Monday, henry and I are having a "special treat."

Henry: "PAPI!!! There's chocolate chips in here!!!" Also, "I love chocolate chips in my mouth!"

4 - Dressing up Buddah
E - "Papa, Alphabet Pal is looking at you." Yes, Henry will turn the head of Alphabet Pal so that it is facing me, and announce that the annoying caterpillar is looking at me. Creepy.