Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visiting Friends and More

Summer and Jared came to visit us 1/10 and 1/11. It was great having actual live adults (other than ourselves) in the house. Not only did they keep Molly company, but they were quite enamored with Henry, so spent lots of time with him (which was quite nice for Molly as well). Jared had a very stimulating conversation with Henry.

Here's a couple cute pics:

From Henry is Cute

From Henry is Cute

Also, we started "sleep training" this past weekend. This involves letting Henry cry it out when it's time for a nap that he doesn't want to take. We let him cry for 5 minutes, come in, try to comfort him a little, then leave. Then we'll wait 10 minutes, and if he's still crying, we'll go in, comfort, and leave...then 20 minutes (if he's still crying). We haven't had to go past 20 minutes yet, and I really hope we won't have to.

He's had his rough moments, but some really good ones, too...He usually doesn't make us come in after the 5 minute mark (he'll stop at 4 minutes 58 seconds). And even less does he make us go to 10, etc. Sunday night, he went to bed at 6pm (which doesn't happen---he usually stays up and drives Molly crazy for several hours anywhere between 3pm and 8pm) and he slept all the way until 11pm. We didn't think that he was down for the night when we put him down at 6, so he was still in his day clothes. When he got up he ate, changed, ate some more, and went back down until 6:45am. Awesome!!!

Last night wasn't as good, but it wasn't terrible. He went down around 6, got up at 11, ate, changed, ate, back down. But then he got up again at like 2 something and 5 something (or something like that...Molly didn't get me up, so it isn't really fresh in my brain).

Henry hasn't really been his normal chatty self lately. A bit more crabbing (possibly because we're torturing him and don't come-a-running every time he cries now). Maybe he's teething - he's been far more "chewy" lately - I don't mean that he himself is soft and chewy (like a good chocolate chip cookie or a chewy granola bar), but rather that he is chewing on things a lot more...He has very poor hand control still, but if he manages to get a toy in his mouth, he is all over it. Maybe his little muscles are sore from all his exercises (you should see his arms and legs flapping like he's trying to fly somewhere, or how he picks his head and upper chest up real high when he's lying on his tummy. Who knows why? All I know is that he is a bit on the crabby side. Either crabby or quiet (which makes me think that he'll be one of those people who gets quiet when they're ticked off).

Here's some more pics

From Henry is Cute

From Henry is Cute

From Henry is Cute

Friday, January 18, 2008

Important Announcement from Henry

It's very important, so listen carefully...

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This was actually from about a week ago, but I couldn't figure out how to get an audio player in my site til this morning. Henry and I have had slightly more riveting conversations, but kids get distracted when you start recording them, so I think he was being shy. Now that I know how to do this, expect more Announcements from Henry.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Meeting Great Grandma Brennan

Today Henry met his Great Grandma Pauline Brennan. We totally expected Henry to be a crabby puss during the visit, cause he didn't nap at all this morning. Much to our surprise (and Grandma's pleasure) he was very well mannered and gave lots of great smiles. Grandma said that Henry was a bundle of joy (and heavy).

Yes, I Have A Mohawk.

Yesterday, we went to Target. It was a poor experience for Henry, his parents, and most of the other customers and employees. But the highlight of the trip was when a boy (about 8ish years old) saw henry and gave us a big smile (who was crying in earnest). As soon as we passed him, the boy the turned to his mom and said "MOM! Did you see that baby? He has a MOHAWK!!" Molly and I started laughing (because, yes, he does have a mohawk, and cause little kids are oblivious to conventional manners). The mom started reprimanding the boy, but we were too far away to hear anymore. all i heard was "JORDAN!"