Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting big...and chatty

So, this little boy is quickly turning in to a big boy, and is decidedly not a baby anymore. Henry loves running around the house and screaming is head off. He's got so many words now, it's hard to keep track of what he can say. He says Mommy, Papa, Hi, Bye, More, capi (coffee), shoes, tweet, gabo (which means gargoyle), cracker, cup, bowl, agua, cow, moo, car, bus, foof (like a dog says foof). 

He totally tries to sing the alphabet song, which doesn't work out quite like how you and I know the alphabet song, but he thinks it's great. 

This morning I called home from work to see how things were going, and instead of hearing Molly answer the phone, I hear "HI! Papi!! HI!!" Molly has a sore throat & has lost her voice, so I can only assume that she put Henry in charge of the phone. 

We've gotten a membership to Brookfield Zoo and Henry got a cool sandtable to play with in our backyard.

Easter was fun. The week before, our Park District had an Easter egg hunt. Molly had plans, but Henry and I went. Of course, we forgot to bring a basket. Whoops. When we got there, there were a ton of those bright plastic easter eggs and little mini chocolate foil wrapped eggs. Henry took one look, exclaimed "BALL!!" and started picking them up and throwing them. He soon realized that other kids were picking them up and collecting them in baskets, so he started helping them. He'd pick up an egg and stick it in the nearest kid's basket.  As time went on, he started trying to take the baskets away from the other kids.  Super goofy kid.

The easter bunny was fun. Just look at the pictures...

was going to put some pictures in this post, but I'm tired and need to sleep. check out the pictures in henry's photo album "Henry is Cuterer" by clicking the link at the top of the page.


Summer said...

I absulutely love that he knows the word "coffee." It's good to teach children the important things in life.

Also, why "gargoyle"?

Unknown said...

we have a little stone gargoyle. henry was interested in it. i told him that it was a gargoyle. to which he said "gabo"

he's also quite obsessed with the little buddah statue.