Sunday, July 12, 2009

new underwear

Henry is the proud owner of 7 pairs of of Thomas underwear and 7 pairs of Cars (the disney movie) underwear. Henry decided today to pee in his potty on 3 separate occaisions.

1st, after he and I took a trip on the train to nowhere in particular---after we got home, he peed in the potty.

Then, after his nap, he peed in the potty. We put him in a pair of his new underwear and went to our weekly Concert in the Park in Oak Park (sure that he would have an accident and that we'd need to change him in to a diaper pretty soon). But no. He stayed entirely dry for about 3 hours, then when we got home, peed in the potty again!

Within about 3 minutes of that, he had an accident and peed all over his Thomas underpants. But, still...His 1st 3 pees in the potty all today!

Yay Henry!!!

Hey Look, a belly button
From Henry is Cuterer

I'm not really sure what's going on here. i think he might be trying to un-velcro my sandals while showing off his Thomas butt.
From Henry is Cuterer

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