Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sofi and the Potty

Molly and I took the kids to the DuPage Children's Museum on Sunday. As I expected, we had a blast. During the visit, Sofia needed a diaper change, so I took her to the family bathroom.

What makes it a "family" bathroom, you ask? It has two toilets. One like any other you'd expect to see in a public restroom, and another identical to the first, just about a 1/3 of the size.

Well, Sofi fell in love with that mini-potty immediately and promptly tried to sit on it. I helped her out of her diaper and sat her on that little potty and she was just as happy as can be. All seemed fine, so I moved over 3 feet to the diaper changing table to get her diaper ready.

As I'm assembling the cloth diaper, I hear a weird half shriek, half grunt. As I casually look over, I see my sweet little girl folded in half stuck in the potty butt-first, legs dangling, arms flapping, and generally looking perturbed.

I scooped her up and her little bottom is just dripping with toilet water. Her first potty experience was not the best.

However, today she got her very own potty and was eager to sit on it.

Also, she sure likes mac n cheese

Just look at these cute kiddos

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