Thursday, September 27, 2007

36 Week Doctor Visit and MORE

Today we saw Molly's doc. This was the visit where we needed to make a plan. What if he doesn't turn around on his own? What are the best options? After finding out that the accupuncture was $400+, and talking about c-sections and cathador's and what not, Molly was naturally feeling pretty stressed.

Well, after a few minutes of just talking w/ the doc, she felt around on Molly's belly to see if she could gauge how he was laying. After just a few moments (and an ultrasound, just to be sure), she confirmed that he is in fact in position!!! We of course gave him many congratulations on his acheivements and treated him to some left over cake from the baby shower at work. I was talking to one of my friends about it today, and i felt like I proud dad bragging about how his kid got straight A's for the 1st was a cool feeling (but strange and unfamiliar)...

Oh, and Mary M---This part is especially for you:

For those of you who are not Mary M, she gave us the bib that Flat Belly Bear is wearing (as well as a matching one piece outfit, which sadly doesn't fit the bear yet). Mary was sure to tell me that the bib was specifically for Beef, not the bear. Well, Flat Belly Bear wouldn't take no for an answer. Sorry Mary.
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