Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 34

Well, according to Baby Center, our boy should be somewhere around 4.75 pounds, and about 18 inches long. He's got some good fat layers growing to help regulate his body temp once he's born, so he's getting good and round. He's got very smooth skin and his central nervous system and lungs are getting more mature by the day.

Statistically, babies born between 34-37 weeks will do just fine (assuming no other health issues), though they may need a short term in NICU to make sure.

As of our last Doctor visit, he was breech, with his head up. There're some excercises we're doing at home to try to coax his head down to the right spot. If that doesn't work, the doctor will try to force him down by doing a pretty uncomfortable massage of Molly's belly. If that still doesn't work, we may be looking at a C-section. Most doctors these days will not try to deliver a baby breech because there's so many risks involved.

Last week we started a Pregnancy and Labor class at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park. It's every week for 5 weeks on Wednesday nights. Learning stuff I never thought of before.

Next Dr appointment set for 9/18 at 11am, at 35 weeks.

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