Friday, October 26, 2007

Home From the Hospital

ok, I actually have a few minutes to devote to this...

Here's how things have gone over the past few days:

Monday evening, Molly started feeling some back discomfort. After we went to bed, she woke up again around midnight, then woke me up a little after 1am. Her back was hurting more, and she was getting some contraction pains.

Around 4am, we discovered that if Molly was on her feet, the contractions weren't quite so bad, so we went for a walk. A little after 5am, we called the Doctor because most contractions were less than 5 minutes apart.

We got to the hospital around 5:30am. As of 6 am or so, Molly was 6cm dialated. Woohoo!

Molly got some stadol around 7 something to take the edge off the pain. It didn't take the pain away, but it distracted her and let her get some rest, and let me get some coffee. The epidural came around 9 something? Molly was nervous about that, but all-in-all, it went rather well. Within 15 minutes, she was completely un-aware of her contractions, except for when she looked at her monitor.

After that, she was confined to her bed for the rest of the labor. Good thing, cause she couldn't feel her legs, and after a while, she had next to no control over them.

At noon, she was 8cm dialated and the doc had broken the water for her. Not sure why that was necessary, but whatever, I guess.

Around 3:30ish, she was fully dialted and ready to push. Only problem? she couldn't feel the contractions (which is when you push) and she couldn't feel the push. Around 4ish, the determination was made to turn the epidural down. Then, when she still wasn't feeling what she needed around 5:30(?), the determination was made to turn it off competely.

Molly started pushing around 6:00pm, and it was totally amazing. With each contraction, and each push, I could see just a little bit more of his hair. All of a sudden, there was a full head, and then a push or two later, the rest of his body.

Still haven't slept all that great since that day. I get confused on what happened when. Sometimes, I accidentally call him Beef (it's not just me. Molly does it, too). We got home from the hospital yesterday around 4:30ish? Since then, Henry has cried, pooped, peed, looked at us with interest, vomited on me (twice).

He's gotta be one of the most beautiful people that I know.

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