Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First Outing!

Henry had a few "firsts" today. To start off the day right, he had his first "mom and dad administered" bath. He was great throughout the whole thing. He slept and didn't really fuss at all. He was so relaxed that he just threw his leg up and lazed around until we made him move. Why can't I bathe like this?

After his bath, we had his first doctor's appointment. They made him strip down to just his diaper so he could be weighed. When he was born, he was 8 pounds 9 ounces. Upon discharge from the hospital, he was 8 pounds, 3 ounces (totally normal to lose up to 10 % of your body weight shortly after birth). The scale at the doctor's office said that he's up to 8 pounds TWELVE ounces. That means that in just 4 days, he's not only picked up the weight he lost, but added another 3 ounces on top of that! Feeding is going well!

Now, I'm not totally convinced that he is really 8-12. Right before we put him on the scale, he had a massive pee. I changed him after the doc's exam and the diaper was pretty full.

After weighing in, he still needed to keep his clothes off for his exam, so he got all snuggly with mom while we waited. Dr Gould came in, did her thing, and pronounced that he was perfect! (or maybe she just said that he was doing really great. whatever, he's perfect )

After Henry's doctor appointment, we went to see Molly's doctor for a check-in. After a long morning/early afternoon, we went back home for some lunch. Molly napped, Henry and I cleaned the house in the sling. Seems kinda stupid now, but I didn't get a good picture of him in the sling yet. Oh well.

A little bit later, we had our second outing. Molly needed to get to the store, so we went out again. Henry was again on his best behavior and commanded the attention of everyone around him.

Henry is a really good napper...during the day. He'll go down, and we won't hear a peep for 2 hours. Or, he'll go down, wake up 30/45 minutes later, eat, go down, wake up 45 minutes later, eat... Nighttime is a totally different story. Henry is not all that great at sleeping at night. He typically gets fussy between 10 and 11, but we can't quite get him to calm down long enough to fall asleep. Precisely why we try to get some decent naps in during the day. Was up with him last night until 1:30am. Once he settled down, had a late night snack, he was good to sleep. He gave us his longest overnight sleeping stretch yet (4 hours). Woke up again around 5:30 to eat, then 8:30. Not bad, considering what he's done to us previous nights.

Another doctor's appointment next Tuesday, just to check in to make sure things are still going well.

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