Sunday, November 4, 2007

12 Days

Little Henry is now 12 days old. Henry had a bunch of visitors today. Uncle John and Aunt Rachel, Aunt Judi, Uncle Jon and cousins Clancy and Christopher, Great-Aunt Cathy, and Grandma and Grandpa Alvarado all came to visit/meet Henry (grandma, grandpa, and Judi had already met him at the hospital).
From Henry is Cute

Before the visitors arrived, Henry had a sponge bath (gotta look his best). While Molly was drying off his head, he was wrapped up in one of his hoody towels and snuggling in my lap. I had a momentary thought that he should be wearing a diaper, but come on...we had just changed him a little bit ago and this will just take a moment. Then, my leg feels suddenly warm and damp. Henry just let loose.

We got him to the changing table and there wasn't just pee, he'd pooped on me too. Oh well. I still had to shower anyway, not a big deal. I can deal with a little pee & poop.

Family came, lots of pictures taken. Henry was very attentive and polite to his visitors. Lots of pics were taken (see Henry's album here)---by the way---If you took pictures, I naturally need copies...

Then, I discovered later in the evening (while snuggling Henry again) that his diaper had slumped down his little bottom, far enough that it wasn't necessarily catching all the juicy badness intended to remain inside the diaper...sadly, I didn't notice this until I was trying to figure out why my hand seemed sticky. As I carried him to the changing table, I realized there was a wet spot on my pants (which reminds me that I need to take these pants off and get them in the laundry). Right after I had him all cleaned up and ready for the new diaper, he opened the flood gates and peed right towards Molly. She jumped out of the way in time, but I had nothing at my disposal to block the little fountain. All I could do is just put my hand in the way. I had no idea that a 12 day old infant's bladder could hold so much urine.
From Henry is Cute

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