Thursday, February 14, 2008

One year...

OK, Henry's not one year old in the traditional oxygen breathing sense, but it was one year ago today that Molly showed me that little white stick that confirmed his life in utero! :) So, to celebrate, Henry and I gave Molly some time off.

Henry and I let Molly be for a few hours so she could do non-Mommy stuff. I took the day off of work, but still went to work with Henry. We coordinated with my old co-worker and friend Jen who had her baby Joshua the day after Henry was born. Here they are, just hanging out on my desk

Henry met up with his pal Mary in the lunchroom. Mary's tyring to make his hair lie flat. Silly Mary. Mohawks are in!

And here's Henry with Rebecca making really happy faces at Stephanie. Overall it was a good day. A few cranks here and there, but good.

In other news, Henry is really getting a lot better at the rolling over from his tummy to back thing. He did it 3 times on his own today alone. GO HENRY! :)
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