Friday, February 29, 2008

4 months

Yesterday Henry had his 4 month check-up, and much to his dismay, his 4 month immunizations, as well. Oddly enough, it was probably one of his best doctor visits yet, in my opinion.

When we got there, it was the standard strip him down to his diaper, get weigh and measured (incidentally, he weighs 15 pounds 12 ounces and is 25 1/2 inches long. I think his head was like 40 1/2 centimeters around, or something like that), then chill out til the doctor comes in.

When she came into the exam room, the first few minutes were just talking/consultation type time. Henry got a bit bored of just laying on the exam table, so I sat him up on the table and supported him for a few minutes so he could look around and see what was what. This went rather well until he realized that NO ONE was paying ANY attention to him. I was looking at the doctor, who was looking at Molly, who was looking back at the doctor. And Henry was looking all around trying to catch someones' eye. He let out this loud shout/cry and his mouth fell into the most pathetic pouty/lip-sticking-out face that I think I've ever seen from him. Well, that got our attention, but only for a minute...then we were all talking and looking at each other again...

So, he did it again. Poor baby boy.

Everything is great with Henry. The doctor said that he was perfect (though there is a mild concern that we might be bundling him a bit too much for naps cause he's get some heat rash going on) and he is holding pretty constant at 75th percentile for both weight and length.

When he got his shots (4 of them, two in each leg), he was really really sad. I felt very bad for my little guy. :( But, once we scooped him up he started calming down pretty quickly, then proceeded to be fine for the rest of his day (which wasn't very long). I was totally expecting a repeat of Crabby McCrabberson, but Henry sure proved me wrong.

Tomorrow night, Aunt Susi is coming to babysit Henry for a bit so we can go out to dinner and a movie. Then, on Sunday, we're going to Northbrook for Henry's Abuela's birthday. And then next weekend, Grandma Brennan is coming to stay for a while. All sorts of fun stuff coming up!


From Henry is Cute 2

Henry's totally missing his lower lip

From Henry is Cute 2

Henry's new sleep-sack, aka, baby-in-a-bag. Looks comfy...Has a robot on it.

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hey you should make more blog posts n stuff. i love reading about my henny.