Monday, April 7, 2008


OK, So I've been slacking. I've been on a special project at work, which have required me to change my hours at work, which makes it less convenient to write about my life with Henry. Apparently, it is now MUCH less convenient as it has nearly been a month and a half. Whoops.

Since my last update, Henry:
1. weighs 16 pounds 14 ounces
2. can sit in his high chair and mostly support himself
3. can sit on the floor or other fairly firm surface without immediately falling down
4. is not terribly impressed with rice cereal
5. has developed the cutest squeaky noise EVER
6. is not a fan of the swing at the park
7. has his very own castle (thanks to Iris and Simon)

Henry does apparently like the coolness of the glass of ice water, and will try to eat the glass. Come to think of it, he tries to get at anything that you have (including your beverage, snack, cell phone, book, magazine or anything else that you have that he decides should be his).

Sweetest boy!

Henry LOVES nako-time!!! Especially if it takes place a) on the floor of the bathroom, b) standing up in the bathroom so he can see himself in the mirror, or c) anywhere else

Henry also enjoys being stuck in his/my sling, zipped up into my jacket and going for walks. Especially if it is semi-close to nap/bed time. It calms him down quite nicely, and he'll often nuzzle in (like here) and take a nap...very cute.

So, sorry about my slacker-ness. I will try to do better next time.

OK, here's some updates since I typed this out yesterday (it's Tuesday the 8th now)...
Regarding rice cereal---Henry did the BEST job ever eating yesterday. He spit almost none of it out, didn't "tight-lip" when I came at him with the spoon, and didn't make horrible gagging noises. AND, he ate everything (well, everything that didn't spill down his chin).

Regarding the swing at the park. Listen and watch---especially pay attention to the last couple of seconds.

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