Monday, December 8, 2008

Henry's getting good at stuff...

This past weekend, Molly spent nearly all of Saturday getting ready for a craft fair, and then the majority of Sunday AT the craft fair. So, a lot of my ramblings below will be referencing stuff that happened over the past few days. I've realized that I don't spend nearly enough time with him.

Henry's sign language vocabulary has grown quite a bit.

He definitely knows the signs:

Sometimes he gets confused and says Book instead of Milk and the like, but he's figuring it out. Yesterday, I showed him the sign for water, and he did made a very close approximation...

He got this great book for his birthday, I think it is called "I can do it"? by Eric Carle. Each page has a different animal on it doing some sort of activity, and asking "Can you do it?" For several weeks now, Henry has been clapping at the seal page (showing that he can, in fact, do it). Then on Saturday, while I was reading it to him again, the elephant proclaimed that it could stomp its foot, which I demonstrated to Henry for clarity. Henry promptly started alternately stomping his feet. It was the cutest thing ever.

When I tell him, "go get your milk," he will walk over to the kitchen and wait at the gate that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house. (it's not quite 'getting' his milk, but he gets as close as he can to it). When we tell him to brush his teeth or take his bath, he walks over to the bathroom and points to the thing he needs to do that (like his tooth brush or the bath tub).

Henry seems to love music. We used to stand in the room that has our TV and stereo & stuff and listen to music and dance around (here, dancing means that we would hold henry and 'slow dance' or something to that effect). Henry would snuggle in and be generally cute. That kinda faded and became less fun for all involved as he started pushing away and being less content with this. But, yesterday, I decided that we would try it again. As soon as the music started, Henry sprang to attention and was SO happy that we were gonna dance around. He didn't snuggle in, but he started moving around in a 'trying to help my dad dance' kind of way. I thought I'd see if he'd dance on the floor, so I put him down, started dancing alone (i bet it was silly looking), and told him to dance with me. He did the elephant stomp. awesome :)

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