Friday, May 21, 2010

Coffee and Orange Juice

Ok, this boy is weird, but kinda like me, which might be the same statement. This morning, I went to grind some Starbucks coffee, and Henry wanted to help. I dropped a coffee bean, which Henry promptly snatched up as his prize.

He went to show it to Molly, and shortly after, he came running back to the kitchen, holding in between his thumb and fore-finger announcing, "I'm licking the coffee bean! It's yummy!"

He spent the next 20 or so minutes doing whatever 2 1/2 year olds do...and licking the coffee bean.

Later, Henry and I were at Target picking up some things when he asked for "something to drink." I told him that we hadn't brought anything, but I'd get him a drink when we got home. He then shouted, for all of Target to hear, "We're going to go home and drink orange juice and lick coffee beans!"

This kid is awesome.

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