Sunday, October 14, 2007

so, here's a weird thought...

...I'm about to be a dad. Like...really...a dad.

it's not 9 months away. It's not 2 months or a month and a half away. He's due in one week, but as all babies do, he'll come when he feels like it.

Don't get me wrong...I am really, really, excited to meet him. But I am also terrified of him (it what i hope is a normal and healthy way).

But the uncertainty just makes it worse. I could be a dad tomorrow, or maybe in two weeks. How does a rational person cope with that thought? (molly has just informed me that i need not worry about this because i am "not a rational person, and everyone knows it."---nice.)

I think we've finished the basics to be physically ready for him

We've got a comfy chair, a changing table and books. The changing table cabinets are stocked with cloth diapers and new-born sized disposable diapers. We've got the bum-wipes and art on the walls.

Molly made curtains and we have a nice pull-down shade (this side of the house faces the sun-rise, so we don't want him up that early in the summer-time). We've got brackets on the walls to hold the curtains open.

He's got a Sealy Posturpedic mattress. Heck, it's better than my mattress. And his crib-skirt matches the curtains on the windows.

the carseat is installed and ready for use (although it does make the car seem a whole lot smaller).

and...we have a nice swing to rock him back to sleep.

He's even got a Halloween costume. I didn't take a picture of it, but it should look something like this:

what else could we be missing?

no really! what else!?!?!
EDIT - 5:25PM---I've had several people say "you're already a dad, you just haven't met him yet" (or something similar) so, this post is hereby clarified---i'm about to be a dad to a real-live-oxygen-breathing-baby. it just seemed easier to say that i'm about to be a dad.
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Elizabeth Hunt said...

Guess what? You already are a dad. He's in there, you just haven't met in person. The anticipation is just for the acquaintence, although I suspect that you'll feel as if you've known him a long, long time, even though you will have just recently met. I can't wait to hear about how things go. My thoughts are with the three of you! :)